Study volunteers with newly diagnosed Lyme disease needed

The two-tier Lyme disease criteria introduced in 1994 proved to be a poorly sensitive test in actual practice. Studies have shown that only one-third of all well-characterized cases of Lyme disease are positive by the two-tier Lyme disease test. Over the past few years, an increasing number of tests have been introduced to improve the reliability of serologic tests for tick-borne illnesses. These tests include PCR, t-cell, and antigen detection tests.

Dr. Daniel Cameron & Associates is seeking volunteers to participate in a clinical trial to validate a new Lyme disease test.

Dr. Daniel Cameron & Associates is seeking volunteers for a clinical trial to validate a new Lyme disease test.

Dr. Daniel Cameron & Associates, located in the Hudson Valley New York area, is uniquely positioned in a region where Lyme disease is endemic, enabling the practice to participate in much-needed clinical research projects, including the validation of newly developed Lyme disease tests.

Since 1987, Dr. Cameron has been evaluating and treating thousands of individuals with tick-borne illnesses. He has served as a clinical investigator for numerous clinical trials and has participated in national and international conferences.

Having a significant number of study participants is important when conducting randomized, double-blind clinical trials, says Dr. Cameron. The National Institute of Health (NIH) has conducted four trials over the past decade. In total, those studies included a mere 200 Lyme disease patients.

“Run the numbers. With 300,000 people diagnosed with Lyme disease each year, the NIH, over the past decade, has only studied 200 patients. Treatment decisions are being made based on clinical trials that involve a minuscule number of subjects.” The IDSA treatment guidelines, which dictate the treatment of hundreds of thousands of patients, are based on the results of those four NIH trials, which included a total of 200 patients, he adds.

Dr. Cameron is currently involved in a project to validate the effectiveness of a newly developed Lyme disease test. It is not a treatment study, he points out. But volunteers are still needed.

“The more volunteers with newly diagnosed Lyme disease, the more we can help to find a new test,” says Dr. Daniel Cameron, director of the tick-borne validation program. “Because of the increase in Lyme disease cases, we have had a strong summer with volunteers enrolling but we could still use more participants.”

Dr. Daniel Cameron & Associates welcomes volunteers, who are newly diagnosed with Lyme disease, as well as those who have never had the disease.

If interested in participating in the study, please call 914-666-4665.


19 Replies to "Study volunteers with newly diagnosed Lyme disease needed"

  • BettyG
    09/03/2015 (7:51 am)

    Dr. is this only for NY state patients or any state/country that would come to see YOU?

    Newly diagnosed means anyone at any stage, right? You could just have been diagnosed but have had it a long time.

    I wonder if the diagnosis can be clinical or means prior testing has been done and is positive.

    Hopefully this study does not require a positive test per CDC to enter.

    Could you give specific answers on this blog of yours so ALL who read about this will know the answers? Big thanks!

    Congrats for getting something going for the over 329,000 correctly diagnosed meeting cdc/idsa criteria!! 😉

    bettyg, iowa lyme activist
    46.5 yrs. chronic lyme
    35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs.

    • Dr. Daniel Cameron
      09/04/2015 (7:31 am)

      Thanks for your interest. We can draw blood from other states. The current study is limited to newly infected cases. The study does not required volunteers to meet a positive CDC Lyme disease test. The current studies does not include individuals who have been ill for a long time.

      We need to do these initial studies to set up the groundwork for individuals ill for a long time.

      • Irma
        09/09/2015 (8:05 am)

        Dr I was dx with Lyme 3-19-15
        I’m still amazed at how no dr here in south Texas knows how to treat Lyme
        they gave me 2 weeks of Doxy but wouldn’t give me anything for the swelling in my ankles I have seen 3 different Drs and none of them could really help me
        I have had to wait 3 months to see a dr in Marble Falls Texas
        my appointment is 9/29/15
        Thank you for all you do to help in Lyme research

  • chris powell
    09/02/2015 (4:59 am)

    Terrific idea, Dr Cameron.

    Will you be accepting any Canadians for this study?

    • Dr. Daniel Cameron
      09/04/2015 (7:25 am)

      We would accept Canadian’s into the study. Volunteers would have to be newly infected. We have to draw labs in the office.

  • Anna Brace
    09/01/2015 (10:52 pm)

    How do I become part of this study?

  • David R Thomas
    09/01/2015 (9:42 pm)

    Thank you Dr. Cameron for all you do in this battle. As a LD Advocate I would be interested in mentioning this to newly diagnosed Lyme sufferers and possibly passing the word. What is involved and what does the patient get out of it if anything and costs to participate.

    • Dr. Daniel Cameron
      09/04/2015 (7:22 am)

      It does not cost anything to participate. Participants would have to have their bloods drawn in the office. The study does not involve treatment. The study does help us understand how emerging tests work in actual practice.

  • Carol Fronduti
    09/01/2015 (7:10 pm)

    Can I participate from 2.5 hours away?

    • Dr. Daniel Cameron
      09/04/2015 (7:18 am)

      We are working to improve laboratory tests in actual practice. You would have to come to the office. Unfortunately, it is not a treatment trial. Thanks for your interest.

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