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Patient contracts Babesia from a blood donor

In their article “Transfusion-transmitted babesiosis in a patient with sickle cell disease undergoing chronic red cell exchange,” Costa and colleagues describe a patient who contracted Babesia from a donor living in Ohio, a state that is not considered endemic for Babesia.¹ According to the authors, a 30-year-old man with sickle cell disease (SCD) required approximately […]

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Black children more likely to be diagnosed later with Lyme disease

One study found black patients with Lyme disease were more likely to present with disseminated disease. The authors suggested, “This may be due to failure to recognize early disease (erythema migrans) among African Americans, resulting in increased rates of late manifestations.”¹ Ly reported similar results using 2015–2016 claims data sample of Traditional Medicare beneficiaries. “Among […]

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The many presentations of the Lyme disease rash

In the study “The Spectrum of Erythema Migrans in Early Lyme Disease: Can We Improve Its Recognition?,” investigators examined images of lesions from 69 participants, including 43 men and 26 women, suspected to have early Lyme disease.  The majority of participants (83%) presented with a single lesion.¹ The images were retrospectively evaluated by a dermatologist […]

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How can Lyme disease affect babies?

The authors recruited their participants through a Lyme disease-focused organization, but eligibility was open to anyone over 18 years of age who had been pregnant. They included participants who did not develop symptoms until after their pregnancies and individuals who were not treated for Lyme disease (LD) for years after their pregnancy despite being symptomatic […]

Doctor looking at ECG machine to diagnose lyme carditis in patient admitted for a pacemaker.
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How common is Lyme carditis in patients referred for pacemaker implantation?

In the study “Prevalence of Lyme Carditis in Patients with Atrioventricular Blocks,” Kaczmarek and colleagues aim to identify patients in whom Lyme carditis (LC) should be considered as the underlying cause of AV conduction disturbances.¹ Investigators examined 130 patients with AVB who had been consecutively admitted over a 12-month period, to the Department of Electrocardiology […]

Woman sick in bed with Babesia infection.
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How serious is Babesia?

In the article “Failure of an Approximately Six Week Course of Tafenoquine to Completely Eradicate Babesia microti Infection in an Immunocompromised Patient,” Prasad and Wormser describe a chronic relapsing Babesia infection in an elderly woman.¹ The 74-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital in August 2021 with a 2-day history of fatigue and fevers. She […]

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Top 10 blogs for 2022!

The following blogs were the most popular for readers in 2022. (Click on the headline to read the full blog.)  1) Tafenoquine: Treatment for relapsing Babesia This case report describes an immunocompromised patient with Babesia microti who received treatment with tafenoquine after experiencing several relapses. The 36-year-old man was hospitalized in 2019 due to unexplained […]

Woman with Lyme disease and thyroid problems holding her chest.
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Can Lyme disease mess with your thyroid?

In their article “Coexisting Thyroiditis and Carditis in a Patient with Lyme Disease: Looking for a Unifying Diagnosis,” Zarghamravanbakhsh and colleagues described the case of a 53-year-old woman who was found to have carditis and painless, autoimmune thyroiditis, likely due to Lyme disease.¹ A few days after returning from a trip to Delaware, the woman […]

Doctor examining knee to diagnose Lyme arthritis in children.
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MRI can help identify Lyme arthritis in children, avoid unnecessary surgery

“Distinguishing Lyme arthritis (LA), the most common manifestation of the disease in children, from septic arthritis (SA) can be challenging because of overlap in clinical presentations,” the authors state. In this study, investigators “assessed the predictive value of MRI as an aid in identifying LA.” They examined the medical records and MRI scans of children […]

Man with Lyme disease and meningitis holding his neck in pain.
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Lyme disease presents as brachial plexopathy and meningitis

In their article “Early Lyme neuroborreliosis manifesting as brachial plexopathy and meningitis in Northwestern Ontario, Canada,” Gu and colleagues describe a case of Lyme disease presenting as brachial plexopathy and meningitis.1 The 76-year-old man was initially admitted to the hospital with left arm weakness and neck pain. He also had a 3-day history of body […]

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Lyme arthritis symptoms in young child emerge years after tick bite

In their article, “Ten-year-old Omani Girl with Lyme Arthritis,” Mughaizwi and colleagues describe a young child who had lived in the United States for 5 years before moving to Oman.¹ One year after her return to Oman, she developed symptoms of Lyme arthritis. “We report a 10-year-old girl who presented with acute arthritis of the […]

Doctor treating lyme disease in female patient.
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Why are doctors reluctant to treat Lyme disease?

Findings from a study by Johnson and Maloney, “Access to Care in Lyme Disease: Clinician Barriers to Providing Care,” provide some insight into why clinicians may be hesitant in treating Lyme disease.¹ “The primary goal of this study was to identify the challenges faced by clinicians who provide care for patients with PLD/CLD,” the authors […]

Woman with Lyme disease and COVID-19 being examined in hospital bed.
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Are Lyme disease patients at greater risk for developing severe COVID-19?

A new study looks at the risk of severe COVID-19 in patients with a history of exposure to Lyme disease. In their study “Correlation between COVID-19 severity and previous exposure of patients to Borrelia spp.,” Szewczyk‑Dąbrowska et al.² examined 3 groups of patients: those with severe COVID-19 (hospitalized), asymptomatic to mild COVID-19 (home treated or […]

Elderly man with Babesia infection getting blood pressure tested.
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Prolonged Babesia infection in patient with asplenia

In their study “Trust the Process: Prolonged Babesia Parasitemia in an Elderly Man with Asplenia from the American Midwest,” Ivancich and colleagues describe an 89-year-old man with multiple comorbidities and splenectomy, who required 8 weeks of treatment for his Babesia infection to clear.¹ The man was evaluated after a fall at home. Prior to the […]

Physicians reviewing MRI to review how does Lyme disease affect the brain.
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How does Lyme disease affect the brain?

Marvel and colleagues administered working memory tests to 12 subjects with Post Treatment Lyme disease (PTLD) and 18 healthy controls while undergoing functional MRI (fMRI). Investigators aimed to determine, using multimodal neuroimaging methods, how Lyme disease may affect the brain. A fMRI looks at the function of the brain by detecting the changes in blood […]