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COVID-19 Podcast: What is the risk for children?

Dr. Cameron feels that the best way to get to know COVID-19 is through reviewing actual cases. In this Podcast episode, he will discuss the risk for children with Coronavirus COVID-19.   

Dong and colleague first discussed this case in the journal Pediatrics in 2020. The authors described 2143 pediatric Patients COVID-19 in China

You may be wondering why I am discussing COVID-19 during an Inside Lyme podcast. First, I am concerned for my children and grandchildren. Second, I am concerned about my Lyme disease patients.  Lastly, I need to understand the disease.

13 children with COVID-19 infections had what the authors defined as critical disease. These children would “quickly progress to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or respiratory failure, and may also have shock, encephalopathy, myocardial injury or heart failure, coagulation dysfunction, and acute kidney injury. Organ dysfunction can be life threatening.” wrote the authors.

The youngest pediatric patients with a COVID-19 infection were the most likely to develop severe or critical disease.   Nearly 7 out of 10  their pediatric patients with COVID-19 infections under five years of age had moderate, severe, or critical disease. A 14-year-old boy died.

You will hear more about these children in this COVID-19 podcast.

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 Dr. Cameron is a Lyme disease expert and the author “Inside Lyme: An expert's guide to the science of Lyme disease.” He has been treating adolescents and adults for more than 30 years.

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