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Two children ill with both Lyme disease and Mono.

I will be discussing two children ill with both Lyme disease and Mono. 

This case was described by Koester  and colleagues  in the journal Clinical Medicine & Research.

Mono and Lyme disease are common diseases.

 What happens when child living in an area endemic for Lyme disease has both conditions?

These are not the first time patients with both mono and Lyme disease. Koester and colleagues described a study where 52 patients tested positive for Lyme disease and Mono.

Koester and colleagues urged caution before dismissing a positive IgM western blot test and run the risk of treatment delays.

  1.   Koester TM, Meece JK, Fritsche TR, Frost HM. Infectious Mononucleosis and Lyme Disease as Confounding Diagnoses: A Report of 2 Cases. Clin Med Res. 2018.. 

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