Inside Lyme

An Expert’s Guide To The Science Of Lyme Disease

by Dr. Daniel Cameron, physician, author

Scientists seem to have opened Pandora’s box with the discovery of Lyme disease. We now know ticks were present millions of years ago and that Borrelia spirochetes have been infecting humans for thousands of years.
This book examines the findings of leading researchers in this battle between Lyme disease and Medicine. When Pandora spilled the ills from her box (or if you are a purist, her jar), something remained behind, and that was hope. And the goal of this book, Inside Lyme, is to capitalize on hope.

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What you will learn
About the author
Dr. Daniel Cameron author, Lyme Disease takes on Medicine

Dr. Daniel Cameron is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and tickborne diseases. He received both a medical degree and masters degree in epidemiology from the University of Minnesota. He completed a medicine residency at Beth Israel Medical Center and a community and preventive medicine residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital, both in New York, N.Y.

His leadership activities include two terms as president of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS), and lead author in the society’s two evidence-based treatment guidelines. Dr. Cameron has practiced medicine for more than 30 years in Mt. Kisco, N.Y. He is a Lyme disease expert, writer, and public speak.

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