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12 hours ago

Dr. Daniel Cameron

Lyme disease may be difficult to recognize in children.

Their child might be misdiagnosed as another condition including growing pain, centralized pain, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, a learning problem.

Their child might have difficulties in school.

Some children fail treatment.

Lyme disease worries parents.

Have you worried about your child? #LymeConversations
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Yes!! While I was "reinfected" in 2017. It is now widely believed according to medical records and time lines that I have had Lyme for more than 20 years. One reason for this belief is all 3 of my children are also Lyme positive. With each one there are concerns but otherwise asymptomatic. My oldest has a non-labeled learning difficulty. Despite numerous test there has never been a clear diagnosis. My middle child has zero long term memory. My youngest is extremely emotional with high anxiety. But there isn't an easy path to determine what are normal "flukes" and what is actually Lyme provoked.

There are “two” things in life you can count on, death, taxes and you don’t have Lyme disease.

Or at least that is the impression some Lyme disease patients get from their doctor. Have you ever been given that impression? #LymeConversations
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There are “two” things in life you can count on, death, taxes and you don’t have Lyme disease. Or at least that is the impression some Lyme disease patients get from their doctor. Have you ever been given that impression? #LymeConversations

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I was yelled that by a doctor. Very sad. 😭 Since improving I have always wanted to jump back in his office one day and yell I certainly did have Lyme ! I fired him! After a negative western blot and that treatment. I hired another doctor. A Lyme literate primary doctor. My test came back positive on a igenex test through him. Now after treating Lyme and co infections. I improved greatly! I certainly did have Lyme. I suffered years in debilitating pain, chronic fatigue and fevers daily and depression so bad I tried to end my own life in 09. No one knew what was wrong and I was wrongly diagnosed Lupus and Stills Disease and depression. Im still suffering but not nearly as bad and my depression is not bad at all I honestly improved from the hell I lived.

I was thankfully treated and under control but After 3 years my neurologist ran some blood work and Lyme testing as he does every 6 months he found a new band showing as positive so he’s put me back on doxycycline. I’m so grateful he doesn’t want to wait for the typical 5 bands to show

My cousin who lives in Hudson Valley had Lyme "twice" yet because his doctor told him it's gone he believes it yet had to have much of his intestines removed and is in constant pain and skinny & frail because he can barely eat. He can't understand how I could possibly still have Lyme Disease. I have had more than one MD pretend I couldn't possibly have Lyme Disease or Babesia. Lyme Denial is a Disease spread among medical practitioners with no known cure until they get bitten themselves.

I had half a dozens docs tell me I didn’t have LD despite positive WB from IGX. Thank goodness for the 3-4 docs in NM who were willing to treat an illness they had to learn about as we went forward. Fortunately at that time Dr, Burrascano and a Pediatric neurologist were willing to consult with my local doctor.

That’s exactly right. I’m so grateful For your page. At least there’s a doctor that understands and accepts the diagnosis. We are moving and I’ll be leaving my doctor I’ve had for decades. He’s the one that tested me first and believed me over two infectious disease doctors who refused to believe lyme carrying ticks were in NW Iowa. (Like there was a Sign for ticks midway through Iowa saying no ticks allowed). I’m worried I won’t find a doctor willing to keep me on doxycycline and keeping track of the symptoms. Thank you for your page. For some of us, it’s the only sanity we have.

Change is coming Dr. Cameron, because of people like you. I will never forget you. ❤️ Thank you.

"YOU DO NOT HAVE LYME DISEASE " over and over again...

Wasnt an impression it was said out right

Dr Cameron, do you think that lyme and co infections will ever become part of mainstream medicine?

Ugh Janet Clark Berkley

I has 2 positive NHS tests even then told it could be something else 6 decades of Lyme before I found out even then no diagnosis or treatment for Chronic Lyme

It's amazing how many doctors are so ignorant and arrogant about their knowledge of tick infections. I only wish we could go back to them and sue for the amount of tirne, money and anguish they caused. Because they were wrong. And their ruin lives because they don't treat during the limited time we have after being bitten to hope for a cure.

Yes I've seen so many doctors with no results and dont know where to go or who to see,this Scenario just boggles my mind as to why someone that calls themselves a doctor cannot help us! just majorly disappointed and feel so helpless in not being able to find help

Australian government offers zero treatment and refuses to recognise it

That “brilliant” neuro doctor at Columbia wouldn’t even listen to me when I asked him to ask Dr Brian Fallon at Columbia about Chronic Lyme. That was almost 20 yrs ago and I’d bet he would never admit that he was wrong today.

Yes! I have been told i was treated so i am cured...i should seek

Absolutely. There are doctors that would accept that a healthy individual suddenly developed multiple diseases/issues rather than accept Lyme.

YES! I was told I could have anything but Lyme. Unless I had been to Connecticut, and my Positive test was false. I was told I was stressed, depressed, hypochondriac, looking for attention, Crazy, etc but definitely NOT Lyme

Ofcourse. Every doctor.

So true!!!!



Every time I go to a new doctor.

Yes. An MIT doctor told me that I couldn’t have Lyme, I had 30 days of doxycycline.


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Some doctors expect Lyme disease patients to buy into Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS). I have not. Have you? #LymeConversations ... See MoreSee Less

Some doctors expect Lyme disease patients to buy into Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS). I have not. Have you? #LymeConversations

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My daughter had severe toxic vacuolation and the dr ignored it, gaslighted me and labelled me MBP. I'm an RN and know lyme when I see it.

I’m thankful you haven’t, we need more doctors like you who’ve taken the time to learn all the symptoms and how the bacteria and co-infections behave in the body. Thank you for fighting for us and searching for for better treatment options so we can have a better quality of life.

No, not buying it. Some may have other underlying conditions that additionally need to be addressed. Understanding one condition alone, can take some time. How the two conditions affect each other may require additional discernment. Never give up being the best version of your health.

No, I call it chronic Lyme or persistent Lyme. My llmd refers to it as that as well. He doesn’t say post treatment Lyme disease syndrome.

My daughters treatment from GP was piriton and 7 days fluclox. 13 yes later....Cowden, several months pulse dosed antibiotics, hydroxochloroquine, anti parasitic and a year later, picc line etc. Twenty thousand pounds later. I've got my daughter back. She's able to run every day.

Most conventional doctors don't seem to know that chronic Lyme has been scientifically proven by Dr Eva Sapi & colleagues by discovering Lyme persister cells in patients after antibiotic treatment.

Definitely not! I’m glad you’re one of the few doctors that really know about Lyme! 💚

Um....was treated for yrs to no extra symptoms post treatments. It was chronic Lyme. Using Beyond Silver Liquid. Getting well. 👽💚💚💚💛💛💛💛💛💋

Absolutely...a Children's Rehab hospital..everytime we mentioned Lyme the Dr. would say that your over that get up move on

We call it Persistent. If one treatment doesn’t work, try another. Be consistent and Never give up. Each infected person is different and responds differently. Each doctor has a bag of tricks and one or a combination will work. Keep trying.

Chronic lyme but we just deal with the aftermath and manage symptoms best we can

I have. I had residual joint aches and pains and major gut problems. I went to see a homeopathic MD and he helped me get rid of most of it. (But there is obviously permanent damage after 10 years of walking around with Lyme disease)

I can’t even get that dubious label. I have Lyme specific bands plus symptoms and history consistent with a diagnosis of Lyme, but I have never tested CDC positive.

No I haven’t bought into that title. Do you think they labeled it such because the coinfections weren’t recognized, tested for and treated??

Not a chance, considering none of my treatments, nor "post treatment" treatments have helped. In many ways, I am worse.

No. Luckily I received real treatment. It took years but I am better: pain and Med free. Working full time and serving my community.

It never went away and took 2yrs for a LLMD to correctly diagnose even though I had a rash. 15 yrs later I have memory issues, chronic fatigue and brain fog enough to not be or do what I used to. I'm a shell of that person. No one cares or I'm too tired to fight anymore

Well, since I've had it since long before I ever received treatment for it, no, I do not. What was it called all those years before I was treated?

How can it be “post treatment” when many of us were never treated to begin with?

In Germany, they called it late stage Lyme

Chronic is right! Also, for me, it comes and goes.

No I have not bought into it. Dr. Alan Steere himself proved in an article citing his own research back in the 1990s that the Lyme persists even after antibiotics are given. Why he would refute his own research a decade later is beyond me!

My Lyme tests are still positive after being diagnosed in 2014.

Nope. It's based on a model that only recognizes acute infections and ignores the evidence of treatment failure and refractory or persistent infection.

Since Covid is like Lyme and many MDs trained in Western medicine do not understand - the society is in trouble

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Perimenopausal women can suffer from sweats. Individuals with Lyme disease can also suffer from sweats. I have seen perimenopausal women with Babesia.

It can be difficult to recognize Babesia in a perimenopausal woman. Do you know a perimenopausal woman with Babesia?
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Perimenopausal women can suffer from sweats. Individuals with Lyme disease can also suffer from sweats. I have seen perimenopausal women with Babesia. It can be difficult to recognize Babesia in a perimenopausal woman. Do you know a perimenopausal woman with Babesia? #LymeConversations

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This is why I wasn’t properly diagnosed!!! My doctor insisted it was menopausal ! And I had to fight her for a diagnosis and for antibiotics 😢 5 + years later and I’m still miserable

My heavy nightdeats did not start until I had a pneumonia injection to to how my antibodies worked. This was yrs after I had gone through change

You don’t want this blood parasite in the blood supply. I donated for years because I was never diagnosed with it.

Not only night sweats, my Lyme symptoms became much worse during and right after my period. It would start with night sweats, then we moved on to the crippling anxiety, then the heart palpitations. Every doctor I told this to looked at me like I was from outer space. I was told it was ptsd, then another doctor told me that it was reflux, then another doctor told me it was sleep apnea & night terrors. 2 of them wanted to prescribe the new form of Prozac and the other doctor Xanax. I said no way to the medications. And thankfully after so many antibiotics it has gotten much better. I had the ammonia smell when I first became sick again and that was another symptom the doctors would shake their heads about. Thankfully, the constant burning smell has gotten 85% better.

Thank you Dr C. Xoxo. I’ve been having hot flashes since Lyme diagnosing in 2011. Babesia possitive. It doesn’t stop. Soooo depressing.

3 years ago I finally was tested by a LLMD and learned I had lyme, bartonella and babesia. And in parallel was chasing Dr’s to help with sinking hormones.

Exactly why it took me years to be diagnosed. I was told by several different doctors that my sweats, moods, weight gain, fatigue were all peri-menopause.

I am both i think.

I’d like to know also what kind of care you offer to people out of state. Even if I have to pay, it would be so worth it! I want my life back 😢

I was... Lyme put me into early menopause. The difference for me was sweating right after I ate. Night sweats, normal but worse with lyme. The dinner time meals sucked. It wasn't heat sweats, just sweats...

Me. But there was a huge difference between a Babesia sweat and menopausal sweats for me.

Sure can ... I was misdiagnosed with menopause in my 30's .... When in actual fact it is Lyme and many co infections.

Diagnosed with Lyme in 2017. "Tested" negative for Babesia. Diagnosed with perimenopause last year. Fatigue, mood swings, lots of night sweats. I wouldn't know the difference. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Thank you Dr. Cameron for posting this and acknowledging this. This is very confusing for women and complicates diagnosis! I cannot tell you how many women I’ve had this conversation with, not to mention my own confusion re: is it menopause hot flashes or Babesia? Was treated for Babs in 2010-2011 while perimenopausal. The night sweats were so bad. Now in menopause. Still having hot flashes/sweats. So hard to know what is causing what!

I was told by my pcp my sweats were menopause since 8 yrs earlier I had a total hysterectomy. In those 8 yrs no hot flashes but now at night I’d wake up drenched in sweat. Funny how Malarone fixed that 🙄.

Is there a test for babesia. I tested positive for Lyme two years ago.I have really bad night sweats.I am perimenopausal.

Yeah I had that BS line said to me for about 15 years. Until I explained to them that this was something totally different beyond that and that they needed to open up their brains to other possibilities. Most of those kinds of docs are behind me and one's I'll never support again as a patient. And eventually that kind of crap catches up to doctors because now that we have healthgrades and all these other applications which people can leave their opinions about a clinic, it certainly affects their future customers. I also encourage every single lyme patient who gets jerked around by a doctor, to file a medical board complaint against them. It's time for us to push back and push back hard against these lies and deceptions, in their failure to treat climate.

The doctors began to tell me, I could be perimenopausal, when I was thirty years old. I’m 52 and I am not. I make differences, who can be my doctor now. They are not always gifted. It‘s nearly impossible to find someone who is concentrated, differentiated and systematically approaching a whole picture of individuality. Some people think, it is because of money alone. It is not necessarily so. Real interest is an exotic flower in the medical community.

I have spells ( I call them) off and on but a nightmare! My husband sleeps in a different room because I have 2 fans on me and windows open and the room is 50 degrees😂🤣😂 Its not my change, I'm 61 and the spells only last for a very short time, except nights.

Yes me, hoping I’m in menopause now. No aunt flow for last 7 months. Have had babesia last 4 years and perimenopause...was hard to know what was causing what!!

I’ve thought for a very long time that my night sweats we’re hormonal however recently I’m more inclined to think it’s when I’m flaring up with parasites and babesia. Hormonally it wasn’t making sense after monitoring it for months it did however make sense that the night sweats are happening when I’m flared up.

I am post menopausal. I have gotten sweats many times per day since Lyme diagnosis 5 years ago. Been post menopausal for 11 years

Me. I didn’t know it could be babesia. I thought it was menopause. I was wrong.

Do you do phone ad computer consuotations and visit and will insrance pay? Can you order labs and mzil or fax the order? Please inbox

Does anyone has sweats with strong smell of ammonia?

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Some Lyme disease patients are not informed of opposing views on the diagnosis of Lyme disease for months to years. Should doctors share opposing views on Lyme disease with their patients? #LymeConversations ... See MoreSee Less

Some Lyme disease patients are not informed of opposing views on the diagnosis of Lyme disease for months to years. Should doctors share opposing views on Lyme disease with their patients? #LymeConversations

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Totally agree because before they knew I had lyme that what they did and the funny part was I work in the Mental health field so I had a lot of friends in there that told me it wasn’t mental health they knew that was the funny part

Doctors who “do not believe in Lyme” should have their license take a away. It’s not an opposing view. It’s MALPRACTICE.

Doctors can be wrong, listen to patients, open minds.

Doctors need to tell the truth and not what's politically correct or what is representative by corruption and money. I want to hear what science tells us from my doctors.

You are amazing! Thank you for all you do to help so many!

Communication creates trust.

We need educated choice

I think so but I think the education is a MUST. I have been told since I live in South Texas “Lyme is impossible”. Sadly that is not true.

When it comes to the symptoms we have, they tend to diagnose Fibromyalgia and maybe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but it usually is accompanied by Depression and/or anxiety and the somatic symptoms that go with those diagnoses. I hope these doctors get some kind of awakening by COVID-19 and what can happen with viral and bacteria diseases and it’s not one and done, that they can persist and wreak havoc for years.

I don’t care if a doctor thinks that maybe we don’t have Lyme disease. But for heaven sake, figure out what the heck is causing our problems rather than just sending us to a psychiatrist.

That would be nice, but we found most of them just quietly wrote dissenting opinions in our charts and then gaslighted us for years. 🙁

First they need to LEARN about Lyme AND co-infections. That a high IGG doesn't mean that we had Lyme and all is good while they look at a suffering patient. To treat aggressively and to offer the choice of natural treatment and/or antibiotic treatment. To recognize that once infections have been untreated for years, it will take years to achieve remission. And remission is not permanent.

First they need to be educated themselves on lyme disease and especially chronic lyme. Then they can give me their opinion. I find myself educating them.

Yes. People need to be educated so that they can make informed decisions. All doctors treat Lyme and TBD differently.

• ABSOLUTELY! • • the more we know, even on overload, and given anything in writing can help us do our own research after leaving your offices. • • i can not emphasize enough give any patient WRITTEN information to start to comprehend. • i was never given anything!! • • what feels good to our guts on what WE CHOSE to do for treatment. • • it will help us understand why we have been passed from 1 dr. to another since THEY don't or want to accept our tick-borne diseases, diagnose, and treat promptly. • • i wished i would have had anyone TB/LYME knowledgeable when i 1st got sick vs. being passed around misdiagnosed for 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs. •

I believe they should speak from experience, whatever that entails. Guide the patient vs confusing them though bc contrasting information will make it more difficult for the layperson to choose the best treatment options/plans. That’s a main concern. The patient can go with what they believe is best for them based on all facts and physician guidance vs not having all the facts and then later having regrets.

How can they share an opinion when the only opinion they have is its mental. I think it has to be the saddest and most devastating of all diseases.

Nothing wrong with hearing different options and about results from different treatments. But then if they actually listened and tried something that could help people and was different from CDC guidelines- they run the risk of being liable. That’s why there are so many doctors who don’t want to hear the other side.

I think many physicians lie to gain insurance billing by not being honest with patients. Being most related to Quality of Life at End of Life vs useless Chemo and Cancer Survival. I also believe they are making so much money with Co-infection ailments off Lyme they are part of the problem about the true underlying issue being Lyme. A medical empire has been built off our ailments.

Most doctors don't know much about Lyme Disease and co-infections. How can they give opposing views?

Not only that I had 2 Positive Lyme test a year apart and they still said I did not have lyme 2 different test

DOCTOR PLEASE! A DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS SO WE CAN KNOW IF IT’S SPIROCHETOSIS ! Then ask, how many kinds of spirochetes do we have infecting people in this area?

Most drs don't know there even is an opposing view unless lyme literate. Then by all means they should explain known options. That faith that you will make me better goes a long way, it's now lost in standard medical care.

Of course! But, only if they know what they're talking about, which anyone who's had it for a long time, would most-likely know!

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2 weeks ago

Dr. Daniel Cameron

Were you shocked? #LymeConversations ... See MoreSee Less

Were you shocked? #LymeConversations

Comment on Facebook

I was shocked because at Mayo, a student doctor saw my rash and said, “This looks like text book Lyme Disease! Can I take a biopsy and picture?” I agreed and cried when I read the symptoms...all were listed there. BUT...the main doctors there, head of infectious diseases and lawyers came into my room and made this student apologize to me for putting that in my head and that I had uncontrolled diabetes and bed sores 🤬😭 I fought for antibiotics, only getting 2 weeks, but was 100% better! Until that ran out and the symptoms came back ten fold. I want to find that student’s name and thank him for putting me on the right path, cursing the doctors that made me wait 8 months until I found an LLMD in the Midwest to treat me...his name was not in my records, nor the biopsy. Mayo has dirty shenanigans afoot.

I can only say I KNOW, because I do! I was also bedridden for several years, unable to do anything....but after getting the proper diagnosis from a LLNP and nearly 8 years of treatment, I am no longer so deathly ill 24/7. I have found it to be critically important to build up the immune system and to fortify myself in every way possible, in order to fight this disease. Natural herbs and supplements, eating gluten free, low carb, no sugar, organic foods are also very helpful. Patience and persistence are important with this illness, as it takes a VERY long time to recover. Never give up!

Don't think I'd really heard of it before I was diagnosed (1996). Ironically was diagnosed by a psychiatrist/neuro, who ordered Lyme serology without even telling me before it came back positive. Really wonder what she'd have diagnosed me with otherwise... (as apparently I was "too happy" - as I told her I had no problems apart from being ill) So I guess the diagnosis was a relief more than a shock, even though then I was badly undertreated (10d doxy 100mg - several months into infection)

I could have pushed all the icons, as I have felt every emotion. Yes I was shocked at my bad luck after hearing from IgeneX that it was Lyme. After 20 years of feeling unwell...and no help.I was told that I was crazy. I was told that I was gold bricking. ..that was so painful. 30 yrs. now. Treating myself since 2016. 👽💚💚💚💜💜

My daughters pedi ran the Elisa when I said I thought she had Lyme. It came back negative. I wasn’t having it and demanded the Western Blot. My daughter was CDC positive for Lyme. No, I was not shocked. What shocked me was the abuse, belittling and intimidation doctors threw my way as I tried to get things I saw diagnosed. She had POTS and I had to take her to 6 cardiologists before one believed she had it, and confirmed by a neurologist.

Being from Fl and moving to Ct, i honestly had no clue what Lyme was when my Dr diagnosed me after a year of going weekly complaining of what i now know were classic lyme symptoms, by then,i could hardly finish a sentence. Took about 5 years to get to a fairly normal life again

Why did you mispronounce cholera ( what you said was ko’ Lera). Where was your medical training ?

No. I had to diagnose myself since my symptoms were dismissed by nearly every healthcare professional I saw. Finally found lyme literate ones.

I wasn't shocked. I had a huge Target rash, after I was bitten. I was given 2 weeks of Doxy, and told I was fine. After many years of unexplained illness, and much research, I knew it was Lyme. I kept telling docs that I thought it was Lyme, but they knew better. I was told I needed therapy, that I had Lupus, that I had Gastroparesis and needed surgery, Arthritis, and vitamins, supplements, etc., etc., etc. I now have a lot of damage to major organs, and I'm mostly bedridden....

Not really. Many of us are misdiagnosed but treated with similar drugs. I believe many diagnosed with RA, Lupus, MS, Fybromyalgia, CFS, etc, have Lyme Disease.

I expected it by the time I was finally diagnosed, as I’d been through a dozen doctors and finally got myself to an ILADS doctor. I was relieved because I thought, All I have to do is take the antibiotics for a year or two and I’ll be completely fine. I think it was about 3-4 years before I began to accept that I probably would never fully recover. My 10 year anniversary of chronic symptoms is this week.

Yes. I never had a doctor, I was very healthy. I was very active: hiking,, backpacking, camping all on my own all over the west (so of course I got lyme somewhere there). Even though I was bedridden sick for the first 2 years....and it's been over 20 years now, in some ways I am just starting to accept that I am able to bounce back and be active and healthy., still having that message in my head that says something like "for sure you can get better"....

Most shrug off Lyme and co's because they'd "look healthy". A far different outlook once symptoms begin and we still "look healthy".

Nope, I diagnosed myself after having seen 6 different specialists 26 years ago! Now, I have a new strain of Lyme with all the sub diseases! Wish there were more successful protocols that would cure me.... I know all of you do too...

25 years and almost as many doctors before I was finally diagnosed with Lyme and multiple co-infections. It is now going on 8years of treatment....and I see such slow improvement that I don’t know if I will ever be well. But I keep hoping.

I was always a healthy person or considered myself healthy prior to the bullseye rash in December, I don’t know when I was bitten but started antibiotics immediately and sadly feel my life will never be the same.

No 30 years ago i never heard of it. I lived and worked in Manhattan and never even went camping, outdoors in grass or woods. 17 doctors kept saying did you go camping? How ignorant!!!! The only thing that really shocked me is when I appeared before the Board of a Major medical insurance company and they refused to cover it....My mouth literally hung open as I wheeled myself out of the meeting with my IV pole!!!

I suggested it early on and was told no based on early testing. With help from up above, a few bands more and several years later, I was told yes. By then, I was too far into the mental Lyme fog -- an abyss really, to be shocked. It took a long time and IV rocephin for my head to get clear before I could feel shock.

Just dreadful how Lyme patients are treated

I was relieved because I was first diagnosed with MS, but after a bit more pushing and research I found that I was positive for Lyme which made more sense cus I was always out running in the woods.

Yes, 3 years after having directly asked and being told it wasn’t where I had been camping, I tested positive w IGX. The NM DOH refused to acknowledge my case. Their test was negative.

So was I, even though I knew when I was bitten, saved tick for one month..within 1 week developed symptoms. Positive for Bart, but not Lyme, even though urgent care saw rash..bite was on head.. If only I had sent tick to be tested.. Lesson learned..😮

I cried walking across the parking lot to my car.

Took 15 years for the dx. I wasn’t shocked at all. Maybe a little validated. 9 years later, still sick found high levels of mycotoxins. I’ve never heard of asymptotic Lyme. Interesting.

No. I was shocked it's a life sentence.

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3 weeks ago

Dr. Daniel Cameron

Did your doctor take the time? #LymeConversations ... See MoreSee Less

Did your doctor take the time? #LymeConversations

Comment on Facebook

I Am brand new to this page and desperately trying to help a friend! She's been to many doctors she's going to be seeing a new one in a couple of weeks and she's going to inquire about Lyme as it seems likely but no one has suggested or tested for it. I know several years ago when I researched it's a small amount there was a lot of controversy around which tests were accurate. Is there a gold standard for a lyme test that she can/should ask for?

My only doctor to take the time was you Dr. Cameron. I have been well since around 2009. It took years and years of wrong diagnosis’s before I found my way to you. I’m proud to work In healthcare now and I’m always an advocate for my patients. I don’t want anyone to ever feel the way some doctors and nurses made me feel.

Yes Dr Burrascano listened and asked many questions. He treated me with respect and compassion. He saved my life. He no longer practices because they have him Hell...he finally retired. Now I fighting on my own...praying I can find a Ltme literate Dr. who takes insurance.

4didn't, finally have a Dr with limited knowledge who gave me a few months antibiotics as full treatment. Guess that's a miracle but still under medicating for such a terrible bacterial infection.

Yes because my doctor was you! I’m grateful for your time and help.

misdiagnosed 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs. who took 10 minutes max with me. finally after positive western blot meeting CDC POSITIVE, got a beginner llmd in iowa who took i believe 1-2 hrs. with me. that's what we need the most ... SOMEONE TO LISTEN TO WHAT WE ARE SAYING & FEELING!! "not it's all in your head mentality"!!! so glad you spend all this time on facebook posting your articles, updates, and asking for input. god bless you dan 😉 stay safe/well from ames, iowa's betty gordon

Yes I did find a Lyme literate Dr. my first visit was almost 2hrs. there after it was usually about an hour. He listened to me & treated me as an individual not a number. Sadly he is no longer practicing medicine. This Dr. literally saved my life. Thank you Dr. Alan Inglis for treating me with respect & improving my day to day life. I am once again floundering to find help with my Lyme & co. infections. I pray someday I will find a Dr. half as good as Dr. Inglis.😇

I’ve only heard exceptional things about you. When someone asks me about a good Lyme doctor in your area I tell them you are #1

Previously. My current lyme literate infectious disease Dr. Yes. My first appointment was 5 hours long. My second appointment was 2 hours. My follow ups run generally about an hour. My husband's first appointment with our current Dr was only 3 hours. But his history is not as complicated and he is not as sick as me yet...hopefully never

My doctor - Dr. Cameron - took the time, time after time after time, as I struggled over years to heal from neurolyme, to talk with me through my fears, be straightforward and pragmatic with me, and help me find my way to a new career and strengths I never knew I had. He is a critical thinker and a thought leader in a very complex disease. I am forever grateful to you, Dr. C and your staff who always gave greeted me with warmth and caring.

My Dr took the time , but without a positive Lyme test wouldn’t treat. And then I found you 😊. Thankful!

I’ve heard that you actually don’t take the time, Dr. Cameron, and put all Lyme patients on the same protocol. Maybe you’ve since changed your practice, but I find this post a tad ironic. 🤷‍♀️🥴

Not many doctors are as compassionate and thorough as you Dr. C, wish they were.

Dismissed, misdiagnosed, mistreated 20+yrs

Always grateful for your help!! You are a wonderful listener and a competent doctor!!

You sure did. Game changer Thank you. So much gratitude Wish more people took time with everything in life.

Thank you for taking the time to thoroughly assess patients and their PMH.

Je suis française et c'est très compliqué de trouver un médecin qui connaisse les maladies vectorielles à tiques. Après 5 mois d'errance pendant lesquels on m'a diagnostiqué une dépression et burn out, je n'y croyais pas et je sentais que mon corps réagissait bizarrement comme jamais auparavant. J'ai fini par consulter un médecin Lyme et après 3h de consultation il avait une idée sur les maux qui me rongeaint. Finalement il avait raison et a diagnostiqué une candidose, un SIBO, une babésiose. Le temps d'écoute et de questionnement des patients est primordial. Mon médecin traitant ne m'entendait plus et avait fini par se faire des idées préconçues sur mon mal être à partir de ma personnalité anxieuse et les informations sur ma façon de vivre. Elle pensait que c'était dans ma tête et me prescrivait anxiolytiques et anti-dépresseurs !

My first LLMD for my first appointment charged me for an hour & gave me 15 minutes. I found out later he was suppose to give me an hour. When I called up to try & get some of my questions answered after my first appointment they wanted to charge me for another 30 minutes. I stayed with that office for way too long thinking that MD was the only game in town.

Yes !!! And you always listen ! I’m so fortunate to have you as my doctor 😊😊

Yeah, like well over 50 years before my diagnosis. Can't do anything at this point.

No! In fact, he told me about a cardiologist whom he thought was off her rocker because she was Lyme literate.

No doctor did ever did no, but several naturopaths did. I ended up being my own doctor with help from one key naturopath.

Yes because my doctor was you ! Thank you Doc!

I’m so grateful to Dr Cameron!

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