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23 hours ago
Dr. Daniel Cameron

Lyme disease and COVID-19 Survey
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I have read that some immunocompromised individuals have needed a second vaccine to bump up their immunity. I don't know if that is the case for Lyme disease.

The Survey asks for a more in-depth explanation for a few questions.

What do you recommend for teenage boys as far as the vaccine?

My first Moderna, I felt better than I had in years. Lasted a few days. Second shot…well, it was a different reaction. 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

Please do more live fb! 💚

I plan on taking the survey, and hope that there will be a section for a more in-depth explanation as to why I am not getting, or contemplating getting, any further vaccines of any nature, per my LLMD/Immunologist's recommendation.

I took the survey. The Flu vaccine activated the Lyme that I didn't know I had 13 years ago. In 10 days I was in a wheelchair and it took me 4 months to be able to walk again. I'm concerned the Covid vaccine will have the same effect so I have not gotten it. So many unknown factors.

I had my second Pfizer shot and my Lyme has gotten better. 🥰💚

I had Covid in March 2020. Landed in the hospital for 3 days. The Covid reactivated my Bartonella that had been in remission for almost 5 years. I went down hill terribly over the rest of the year. After my second Moderna shot I began rapidly improving. Within about 5 days I felt better than I have in years. Almost 3 months later and still doing well. In my case, I think it revved up my immune system enough to beat Bart back down.

Had AZ in jan, no reaction at all, 2nd one in April made me ill for about 8 weeks, but now fine again. Wasn't a typical relapse though, mainly daily headache & no energy, on the worst day could hardly stand up. Still went to work most of the time, and all the well people were off for several days after it anyway. Rather would risk that than suffocating or long Covid any day

2nd moderna shot and my Lyme got worse. I have muscle aches before but almost better and then shot and my Lyme aches got worse

Shared in my lyme groups....

Dr. Cameron,, you are the greatest doctor I have ever met... Your dedication to Lyme disease and the Research you do is Outstanding..... YOU ARE A BLESSING !!!! I miss you ....

I tested with antibodies for COVID and I had no idea I was even exposed

Any diff between J&J and the others since J&J is traditional ? And the others are not? In terms of causing Lyme flare to be worse ? Or symptoms?

Survey stopped working. I was finished with first part, and would not take it on summit. ??? Dont think I can finish..Won't even load now, can't get in..

Dr. C consider asking how many with lyme who got the vaccine actually got a boost and felt better afterwards. This is happening in some cases!

I'm Slovakian woman living in Greece here in one hospital do Therapy with T Lymfocyt from people whose had Covid sounds very good because they said those T Lemfocites are responsible for figh the vírus (sorry for English) not so antibodies

Hey Dr C! Submitted the survey last week.

My husband has persistent Lyme and had the J&J. It did cause a really bad Lyme flare, but after about 3 days, he felt ok.

What about those of us that already had the covid but have Lyme ?? Do you still recommend it ?? I have high antibodies

Where’s this survey

Where’s the survey

Will submit my survey today

Thank you for looking out for us.

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4 weeks ago
Dr. Daniel Cameron

Health and Lyme Disease: Human-Centered Design Report (123 pages)

Supporting the LymeX effort, a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

Read Report:
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Health and Lyme Disease: Human-Centered Design Report (123 pages)

Supporting the LymeX effort, a public-private partnership between the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation.

Read Report:

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Glad to see this synopsis. Definitely a step in the right direction. But one of the many things that is troublesome for example is the picture of a trail and hiking, this is truly a misnomer to how many people have contracted this horrible disease. I was never hiking, I was actually on the Beach and playing sports on a lawn. The Medical community truly needs to be schooled extensively about all the factors of these diseases and how they are contracted, that two weeks of antibiotics are not enough, or you may never see a rash and that LD is truly the great imitator.

It is so devastating. No words can describe what it is like to watch someone you love suffer with this. So tired of "see a cardiologist..see a neurologist..see a psychiatrist..oh wait a minute you need to see an oncologist." 💔

After 30 years of chronic Lyme and now 73 years old, the last few years have show high blood pressure on occasion. After taking multiple cocktails my pressure remained around 125-129/80. Never varied. Now I am plagued with erratic Blood pressure especially while herxing. I have fibromyalgia and muscular/joint pain syndromes. My b/p is erratic and if in terrific pain, my pressure rises and is concerning. I’m already on amlotopine 50 mg for approx 3 years ; it doesn’t seem to control while in a pain or high herxing period. Is this normal? We have also endured multiple family and household tragedies which included the loss of our entire apartment by fire. My husband had had multiple almost fatal lung ruptures and also suffers from chronic heart disease which requires constant attention. Am I in serious permanent danger by not showing up at the ER every time my BP rises up to 170s/102. I split the amlotopine in half and took that extra half in addition to an anti anxiety and pain pill. ThIS has been approved by my NY LLMD with the exception of today’s extra half pill of the BP MED.

LYME REPARATIONS!!! #lymereperations

Why isn't there a vaccine for Lyme??? If multiple companies and countries came up with vaccines for the greatest pandemic in such short time then why not for Lyme?

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