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Conversations on Facebook with a leading Lyme disease expert, Dr. Daniel Cameron, about the latest discoveries and advancements in Lyme disease and associated illnesses.

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Let us pray that actions taken now will stop the spread of COVID-19. #LymeConversations ... See MoreSee Less

Let us pray that actions taken now will stop the spread of COVID-19. #LymeConversations

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i pray that NY residents stop behaving in such a selfish manner and stay home. I lost my stepfather to this horrible virus this morning. He died alone and scared. Hydroxycloroquine is not a cure for this disease. It was given to him but discontinued due to drug induced arrrhthymias . He went into cardiac arrest this morning.

I pray with you Dr Cameron. Heavenly Father hear our prayers. We ask you in your sons name. Amen

Amen. Amen. Amen.

NY now has border restrictions. Essential workers only may cross. Yet today I saw an elusive Cessna over my house in VT.....wonder where that came from?

Yes I agree

Prayers of wisdom, compassion and protection

Msine is being overrun by out of staters. They’re ticks, everywhere, and they won’t self quarantine! Why are people so thoughtless?

We need to come see when this all dies down


My dearest Doctor. Prayers dont work, ask all the children who are daily severely physically, mentally and sexually abused!

I sure wish America starting taking action and planning in early January!

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3 weeks ago

Dr. Daniel Cameron

I am hoping to use this forum to understand the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on someone with Lyme disease. What has been your experience? #LymeConversations ... See MoreSee Less

I am hoping to use this forum to understand the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on someone with Lyme disease. What has been your experience? #LymeConversations

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It has reactivated my Lyme causing my symptoms of ME/CFS & MS to emerge my Lyme is in central nervous system

I have had Lyme for more than 23 years. Somehow I‘m not worry about the new Virus about me. I’m very worry about the others. My body totally reacts differently to the new diseases.

My son and I have both been fighting Lyme, bartonella and babesia for the last 4 years (although we were sick for years longer.) We both have compromised immune systems, so we have been taking precautions ever since we were first diagnosed. We stay away from crowds, especially if there are a lot of little kids present. The one thing we really enjoyed was going to a little restaurant that mainly had a customer base of seniors. Most of the time, there are very few people in the restaurant. Now we aren't even doing that. My son is supposed to go to physical therapy and I have some routine tests I'm supposed to take, but we don't want to go near any clinic or hospital if we can help it. So those things will have to wait. Our LLMD has advised us not to get the annual flu vaccine because our immune systems are so low. I don't know about this new coronavirus, though. I will have to ask our LLMD about the risk factors for that one once they actually come out with a vaccine.

That’s my same question. Was diagnosed 6 months ago with Lyme and major concern is because Im a dental profession which is the # risk factor of being exposed and infected. My office is still open and care for patients oral care but I would rather stay away if I can afford to financially. Is my immune system capable of fighting off this virus?

Besides the normal, rest and try to eat right.. my go to is, as always, prayer and faith in the ONE that holds the universe. I hope everyone is well.

Vitamin C, daily multi, Zinc, Garlic. Gargling throat every day. Manuka honey lozenge 1x per day. Arm & Hammer Simply Saline to keep the nostrils clean. Washing my hands at every turn. Social distancing. Working from home. Prayers for everyone here.

I'm in quaratine anyway. Lungs are burning, like needles in it and is if someone sits on my chest. I haven't had this kind of problems since about 8 years (when I got lyme & co, mycoplasma, chl.pneum.). So I guess my son brought the virus home. But Finland doesn't test "heathy" people. Mostly just MD-s and nurses. So there is a little chance I get tested. :/

Dr Cameron there are 46 cases here in Wisconsin, none so far in my hometown. I was just breaking out of my Lyme bubble & now I feel I need to do the same for this emergency. To keep my balance I meditate/pray and do my best at positivity. I am grateful for my training in animal Disaster to keep panic at bay. ☮️🐾

Have had Lyme and coinfections for years undiagnosed. Have Hashimotos and CIRS too. I no longer get fevers and am afraid of what Coronavirus will do to me.

Some of us have more than just “Lyme disease”

I have 10 coinfections, severe RA, Hashi’s, adrenal issues, and other health issues, so I’ve stayed home. I’m dealing with flu right now, even though I’ve stayed home. I don’t plan to take chances.

I’m having a hard time keeping my 19 yr old son home. He just went to hang out w the boys. I told him don’t touch anything when you get home and straight to the shower. No shoes in the house. These kids literally think this is spring break and not taking this serious .

I’m praying that we all stay healthy. It’s terrifying to think this could spiral any one of us into an unthinkable situation.

Scary!! And not only that here but our school well my younger daughters school now has cases of whooping cough! Glad they are closed!

Making fire cider (apple cider vinegar with loads of immune boosting ingredients to soak in it for 2-4 weeks such as horseradish, garlic, ginger, peppercorns, turmeric, onion, lemon, orange, jalapeño, etc), taking high potency Vit C, drinking lots of water. 🤷🏻‍♀️

I heard that some doctors are trying to use chloroquine to treat Covid19 .....which has been used to treat some Lyme co-infections. What does chloroquine do to the virus to make it useful....and how is it similar to the way it attacks co-infections?

Scared because I've has a mid-line in since Jan 7 and it's scheduled to be removed the 19th. After that I'm nervous.

Taking 4000mg of vit C, 400 mg of magnesium, 2000mg of d3, zinc, elderberry syrup and manuka honey. Hoping the combo helps with both lyme and keeping covid away

I’m taking vitamin c and not going anywhere

I’m in Seattle, in remission from Lyme for 4 years. I’ve been sick on and off for over a month. A blood test in mid-February to address fatigue, getting very hot and very cold and a raspy throat showed low T3. But I started coughing and continued on and off through today. This week had a temp of 99.4-100.1, headaches, and a sore throat with the cough...and telehealth decided to test me. I got my results and I’m negative. The concern I have is I wasn’t tested when I was most sick, so I don’t know if I had it. But right now I’m at home anyway. I have been home since 2/22 with the exception of a few careful grocery trips. We know the Elisa Lyme test isn’t reliable, and the symptom profile for Lyme isn’t the same for everyone, so I’m wondering how the profile and precision/accuracy of the Covid19 test are going to stand up over time.

Taking vitamin c and d along with samento and banderol and staying home!

Does anyone else wonder why Lyme meds seem to be working again COVID? Hmm. What’s the link?

I mask up in public. I do not care what anyone thinks. Im taking vitamins c zinc and d everyday.

On the Cusp. 60 y/o with Lyme/Bart (currently experiencing MCAS) Am I at risk? I’m taking my immune boosting supplements but I’m still worried.

So no one has actually had both yet from what I’m reading........ thats great.

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