Is SOT an effective treatment for Lyme disease?

Lyme disease patient receiving IV SOT treatment.

Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy (SOT), also called Antisense Oligonucleotide Therapy (ASOT), is currently being used to treat viral infections, some cancers and Lyme disease.

In their article “Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy (SOT) as a Potential Treatment for Viral Infections and Lyme Disease: Preliminary Results,” Apostolou and colleagues describe findings from a study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of SOT in 115 patients with either Epstein–Barr (EBV), Herpes Simplex Virus or Lyme Disease.¹

Oligonucleotide was administered intravenously to the participants and a PCR test was performed to evaluate the effectiveness of SOT. Treatments were prescribed to inhibit proteins essential for microorganisms.

DNA was isolated from both cells and serum of individuals with Lyme disease. The authors targeted outer surface proteins (OspA and OspB) seen on Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes.

“SOT might be beneficial for patients with Lyme disease or infections by viruses, such as EBV and HSV.”

According to the authors, “This study revealed that for Lyme Disease, one or two SOT administrations can lead to a statistically significant decrease in DNA copies.”

Unanswered Questions

Research Genetic Cancer Center (RGCC) labs in Greece has produced SOT for the treatment of Lyme disease. Apostolou and colleagues were able to reduce the number of DNA copies. Their study was not designed to assess whether reducing the number of DNA copies would help Lyme disease patients or assess the safety or efficacy of SOT in these patients.

The authors also did not address the effectiveness of this therapy if co-infections, such as Bartonella and Babesia, were to be present or if other factors are present, such as persisters and biofilms.

  1. Apostolou P, Iliopoulos A, Beis G, Papasotiriou I. Supportive Oligonucleotide Therapy (SOT) as a Potential Treatment for Viral Infections and Lyme Disease: Preliminary Results. Infect Dis Rep. Nov 3 2022;14(6):824-836. doi:10.3390/idr14060084

5 Replies to "Is SOT an effective treatment for Lyme disease?"

  • Terence battle
    11/14/2023 (7:13 pm)

    Does anyone do Sot therapy for bartonella henselae and ebv in NY?Is so do you know how many treatments and total cost?

    • VI
      02/09/2024 (1:55 pm)

      I just scheduled mine near Albany. The SOT itself was $2500 but it was also $500 for the initial visit, and Ozone dialysis was recommended beforehand so the SOT would have a better chance of efficacy. That was about $2500 additional.

  • Michael Janket
    05/12/2023 (7:20 am)

    Has methylene blue been used for treatment of the various tickborne diseases? In reading about this material and its ability to stimulate mitochondrial electron transfer during terminal oxidase function leading to production of ATP, it is found that MB also has characteristics well worth looking at, perhaps as a co-reactant with other medicinals such as atovaquone, zithromax, proguanil, and others. MB is not well researched but there have been preliminary tests showing it is a legit candidate for trial.

    • Dr. Daniel Cameron
      05/12/2023 (8:14 am)

      I don’t know methylene blue well enough to comments. Sorry

    • melanie
      07/14/2023 (11:30 am)

      my daughter is on this from our doctor – he really likes it

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