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6-week-old boy with Babesia

Dr. Cameron feels that the best way to get to know Lyme disease is through reviewing actual cases. In this Inside Lyme Podcast episode, he will be discussing a 6-week old boy with Lyme disease.

This case was first described in the journal Pediatrics, written by Handel and colleagues in 2019.

The doctors were initially not able to identify the reason the boy was ill or why there was anemia or a low platelet count.    The doctors prescribed three antibiotics – ampicillin, ceftriaxone, and vancomycin until they could determine a cause of the illness.

The laboratory tests revealed the parasite Babesia in the red blood cells under the microscope 

The baby was prescribed oral atovaquone and intravenous azithromycin.  

The anemia worsened. The hemoglobin dropped to 6.9 gram/dl, which is quite low. The doctors transfused a unit of blood.

The doctors were concerned that the baby might also have suffered from Lyme disease. The doctors added 14 days of amoxicillin to the treatment.

The baby remained well on follow-up, according to the doctors.

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 Dr. Cameron is a Lyme disease expert and the author “Inside Lyme: An expert's guide to the science of Lyme disease.” He has been treating adolescents and adults for more than 30 years.

Please remember that the advice given is general and not intended as specific advice as to any particular patient. If you require specific advice, then please seek that advice from an experienced professional.

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