Dr. Cameron has released a digital and audiobook “An Expert’s Guide to Navigating Lyme disease”. This book summarizes Dr. Cameron’s understanding of Lyme disease based on his first 600 Lyme disease science blogs and 35+ years of treating Lyme disease patients. The book will include over 200 published Lyme disease cases. Please click on the “Play Button” to view the Q & A with Dr. Daniel Cameron. You are encouraged to leave your comments below.

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2 Replies to "Book discussion q and a with Dr. Cameron"

  • David Gussack
    09/05/2023 (8:58 pm)

    This was a really good interview. I feel like just sharing this video with loved ones and family/friends, many of whom have such divergent views, opinions and understandings of Lyme Disease, would provide a beginning. By that I mean a common ground, wherein all parties could at least get in the same neighborhood of understanding about an illness that affects them all, not just the patient.

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