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Woman has multiple lone star tick bites after walk in park

In their article, “Young woman with tick bites presents with erythematous papules, headaches, and fatigue,” Yuan and Cohen highlight the growing threat of the Lone Star Tick in the northeastern region of the United States. [1]

Case reports: Lyme disease infection causes carditis

Lyme carditis occurs when Lyme disease bacteria penetrates the heart's tissues and disrupts electrical signals. Pericarditis involves inflammation of the thin, saclike tissue surrounding the heart. Investigators describe two cases in which Lyme disease led to cardiac complications.

Autopsy reveals multiple Borrelia species in brain of man with chronic Lyme disease

Several post-mortem studies have demonstrated the presence of Borrelia spirochetes in the brain and central nervous system of patients with a history of Lyme disease. In this case report, investigators add to the growing evidence that Borrelia spirochete can reside in brain tissue even after prolonged antibiotic treatment.

Lyme disease or dementia?

In the article entitled “A Case of Reversible Dementia? Dementia vs Delirium in Lyme Disease,” Sanchini et al. present a case which highlights the importance of having a diagnostic approach to dementia to identify and treat reversible causes. [1]

A unique presentation of Lyme disease rash

While Lyme disease is typically associated with a bull’s-eye rash, atypical presentations can occur. Recognizing these unique appearances is imperative to an early diagnosis and prompt treatment, especially when serological testing for Lyme disease is unreliable.

Delayed diagnosis of Lyme disease in North Carolina

In their case report, “Delayed Diagnosis of Locally Acquired Lyme Disease, Central North Carolina, USA,” Boyce and colleagues highlight the need for greater awareness and education on the prevalence of Lyme disease in Southeastern states, such as North Carolina. [1]

Lyme disease leads to muscle weakness of the leg and constipation

In their article, “Atypical Acute Neuroborreliosis With Leg Paresis and Constipation,” Ahrend and colleagues describe a case of Lyme disease presenting with neurological and autonomic manifestations in an elderly man. [1]

How does Lyme disease affect the brain?

Lyme disease can lead to acute and chronic disturbances of the brain including encephalopathy, meningitis, neuropsychiatric disease, central sensitization syndrome, visual disturbances, and Bell's palsy (paralysis of the facial muscles). In a recent study, researchers described what Lyme disease can do to your brain.

Lyme disease causes diaphragm paralysis, resulting in breathing problems

In a letter to the editor, entitled “Atypical presentation of Lyme disease,” Jarosińska and colleagues describe a unique case of a diaphragm paralysis caused by Lyme disease. [1]

Lyme-induced cardiac problems persist despite antibiotic treatment

In their article, “An Unusual Presentation of Lyme Carditis and Adenosine-Sensitive Atrioventricular Block,” Alexandre and colleagues present the case of a 20-year-old female with Lyme disease and cardiac manifestations, who continued to experience cardiac problems despite 4 weeks of antibiotic treatment. [1]