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Lumbar puncture helpful for diagnosing Lyme neuroborreliosis?

Welcome to another Inside Lyme Podcast with your host Dr. Daniel Cameron. In this episode, Dr. Cameron will be discussing the diagnostic value of a lumbar puncture in Lyme neuroborreliosis.

Tick bite leads to Guillain-Barré Syndrome

In this episode of Inside Lyme Podcast, Dr. Cameron discusses the case of a 71-year-old woman who was initially diagnosed with Ehrlichia, a tick-borne illness but is later diagnosed with Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

Co-infections Babesiosis and Lyme disease, missed diagnosis can have “dire consequences”

In a recently published article, “A Case of Tick Bite Induced Babesiosis With Lyme Disease,” Bhesania and colleagues [1] describe a 72-year-old woman with atypical symptoms, who was found to have co-infections with Lyme disease and Babesiosis.

Top 10 Podcasts for 2021!

In 2021, topics that resonated the most with listeners/viewers included the unique presentations of Lyme disease, COVID-19 vaccination concerns and the COVID-Lyme disease survey findings.

Top 10 Lyme disease blogs for 2021!

The top Lyme Disease Science Blogs for 2021 covered a range of topics. The potential impact of a COVID-19 vaccine on Lyme disease patients and the overlapping presentations of the two illnesses was of particular interest. Other popular blogs included those highlighting the unique manifestations of Lyme disease.

COVID-Lyme disease survey: First findings, a discussion with Dr. Horowitz

Dr. Cameron teams up with Dr. Richard Horowitz to discuss findings from a survey entitled, Burden of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccine for individuals with Lyme disease.

Lyme arthritis in children can present throughout the year

Lyme arthritis in children can present throughout the year for those living in areas endemic for Lyme disease, according to a study by Sundheim and colleagues. In their article, “Seasonality of Acute Lyme Disease in Children,” investigators described 690 children with Lyme disease residing in three endemic regions of the United States. [1]

Potential barriers to accepting a Lyme disease vaccine

Dr. Daniel Cameron discusses the potential barriers to the public's acceptance and utilization of a Lyme disease vaccine.

Lyme disease in an African American child with Down’s syndrome

Scattered rashes on an African American toddler helped clinicians diagnose disseminated Lyme disease but such signs may be missed in patients with darker skin color.

Bannwarth syndrome in early disseminated Lyme disease

In this Inside Lyme Podcast episode, Dr. Daniel Cameron discusses the case of a 66-year-old man with Bannwarth syndrome with urinary retention in early Lyme disease.