We need to understand the Burden Of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses (BOLD) on individuals who have been ill with COVID-19, have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, or have been hesitant to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Below is a short video explaining the BOLD survey.

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You are invited to share your experience with Lyme disease if you are at least 12 years of age and if:

  • You have had COVID-19
  • You have had the COVID-19 vaccine
  • You have had neither COVID-19 nor the COVID-19 vaccine

Your experience will help others living with Lyme disease in a COVID-19 Pandemic.

Please contact Dr. Daniel Cameron with any questions or concerns at:

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  • Tamara
    07/26/2021 (12:32 pm)

    Does anyone think that Lyme disease was an earlier pandemic which was bacterial instead of viral like Covid? I am noticing the Long-Hauler Symptoms are the same/similar for both.

  • Rebecca Day
    07/10/2021 (7:19 pm)

    I got my second Moderna vaccine on April 6, 2021. About 2/3 wks after I started having dizziness/headaches, rapid heart beat, and an unwell feeling in general. It has only progressed from there and now it has become extreme where I do not leave the house most days. I have been to my GP, (he said he had heard of some strange reactions and did not even try to convince me it was not possible) neurologist, ENT (the full battery of testing). Now I am going to a specialty center to help with the dizziness and balance issues.

  • Laurie
    07/02/2021 (7:57 pm)

    Thanks for creating this survey. We Lyme patients need to understand how the vaccine can affect us. I am reluctant to get it… the thought of getting sicker than I already am is a bit overwhelming

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