Dr. Cameron’s Lyme disease toolbox

Dr. Daniel Cameron introduces a toolbox to his patients to understand Lyme disease. His tool box includes case studies, a 17 minute series of video introduction to Lyme disease, conversations with leaders, blog, podcasts, videos, and video shorts.

Two Cases

Profiles in Lyme disease – Sophie

Profiles in Lyme disease – Ira

17 minute introduction to Lyme disease

Lyme 101: an introduction (4 minutes)

Symptoms and manifestations of Lyme disease (4 min)

Co-infections (5 min)

Treatment decisions (4 min)

Top blogs

Babesia and Lyme, It’ s worst than you think

What does a Lyme flareup feel like?

What are the symptoms of Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome (PTLDS)

Single dose doxycycline for Lyme only prevents a rash.

Hearing loss and tinnitus common in Lyme 


Top podcasts

Can Lyme disease cause cognitive dysfunction or dementia?

Young man dies from Lyme carditis.

ALS mimicked Lyme disease. 

Soldier dismissed from active duty after failing Lyme disease treatment


Conversations with leaders

Lyme disease and mental disorders: Conversation with Dr. Brian Fallon (38 min)

COVID and Lyme disease survey: Discussion with Drs. Daniel Cameron and Richard Horowitz (1 hour 13 min)


Top Video shorts from Youtube

I am proud to treat Lyme disease patients.

Did you sleep with him – your dog?

Have you heard anything about Lyme disease that has pissed you off?

I had you reading in the wrong section – long COVID.


Top Video shorts from Instagram

What is central sensitization in Lyme disease?

When I wake up with Lyme disease and realize I am a Dad.

It can be difficult to recognize the symptoms of disease even for a Dad.

What’s next as a Lyme doctor? Keep my day job.


Top Video shorts from Tiktok

I have telling everyone I have been sick due to Lyme disease for 2 years

Lyme disease can lead to a heightened sense of light and sound.

It has been difficult to get the message out that Lyme disease exists in the South.


First book – Inside Lyme: An expert’s Guide on the Science of Lyme disease

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Second book – An Expert’s Guide on Navigating Lyme disease

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Introduction to Lyme disease free ebook

Babesia free ebook

Readings and discussions of Dr. Cameron’s book

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